Is My Throat Strong Enough to Cut Spaghetti?

A cross-section of the human mouth and throat anatomy. Of note, the incisors, the soft palate, and epiglottis are all visible.
Three kinds of uncooked noodles: spaghetti, fettuccine, and bucatini, all from King Soopers Private Selection.
This experiment is not sponsored by King Soopers Private Selection.
Six pasta noodles cook in boiling water.
In order from left to right: fettuccine hard, fettuccine soft, spaghetti hard, spaghetti soft, bucatini hard.
  • Al dente fettuccine: null hypothesis proved
  • Soft fettuccine: null hypothesis proved
  • Al dente spaghetti: null hypothesis proved
  • Soft spaghetti: null hypothesis DISPROVED
  • Soft bucatini: null hypothesis proved
  • Al dente bucatini: my throat hurt too much to continue with the experiment, so this unfortunately is not a valid data point.



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Alec Sarché

Alec Sarché

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